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Engaging, cinematic and boldly imaginative…

Close your eyes and try to recall the most amazing meal you’ve ever had. Visualize every mouthwatering element, the aromas, the flavors, the colors, and the textures; take in all of those the juicy little details. Now open your eyes, and see that vision come to life through the award-winning photography of Kevin Marple.

Marple is more than a photographer who shoots food. He began working in the hospitality industry more than 25 years ago. Because of his extensive food industry experience, he's able to relate to chefs and restaurateurs in a way most photographers can’t – he speaks their language - he understands their personalities and the forces at play. This how he brings-to-light such captivating moments through they eye of his lens. He get’s it.

Kevin Marple's compelling imagery frequently adorns the covers of magazines, and has filled countless pages in cookbooks. Agencies and clients trust Kevin, implicitly, to produce provocative imagery for commercial advertising campaigns that capture the heart of their brands, and help them to better connect with their audience. His artisanal touch, and meticulous attention to detail are also apparent when you see Marple’s architectural interior shots. But perhaps, some of his most impressive work can be witnessed through Marple's chef portraits. These striking vignettes hint of stories untold, and offer a peek into the very essence of a chef’s soul.

Whether shooting on location in the fish markets of Japan, in a restaurant or hotel catering kitchen, or on-set in his own photography studio based in Dallas, Texas, Kevin Marple’s photography delights the senses. His work is irresistible and personal. But for Kevin, it’s not just about knocking out a shot list. It’s about the art of telling a story, and the thrill of new experiences on a journey to destinations unknown, where only a carefully crafted image can take you. Marple’s work is a manifestation of all of these ingredients, delivered in a way that provides intangible value to his clients and their brands.